Audio Engineer

Photos by Teresa Tam

Phil is an accomplished audio engineer and has worked on recordings by Ray Obiedo, Harry Best, Tuck and Patti, Juliet Green, Tom Graf, Greg Murai, Disney Internet Group and many others. He is a Certified Pro Tools Instructor and teaches Audio and Music Production at Mission College. He also works from his home studio in Santa Clara, CA. In addition to audio engineering, you can hire Phil to play drums, steel pans or percussion on your recording. A list of recording services and rates are shown below. 
Studio 101
3000 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Otari Series 54 Analog Mixing Console
AVID Artist Mix
Studer A80 2" 24 track tape recorder
Aviom Headphone System
Focusrite RedNet
Preamps: Neve, UA, Grace, API
Mic: Neumann, Royer, MikTek, Lauten, AKG, Shure

The facility features two large rooms and two Iso Booths. Custom acoustic treatments, great isolation and sight lines too! 
Recording Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
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I track at Studio 101 (Mission College). This is a full-service recording studio featuring an Otari Series 54 analog console, Pro Tools HDX, Studer 2" 24 track analog tape machine and a large selection of mics and preamps. Recording rate is $50/hr and includes the facility and my engineering fees.

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