P. Note Music - PHIL HAWKINS

Phil Hawkins is a Dream Cymbals Artist



Phil Hawkins w/Roger Glenn Latin Ensemble

Sonoma Plaza, Grinstead Theatre, Sonoma

Second-generation Jazz master, Roger Glenn, multi-instrumentalist, composer and entertainer on the flute, sax, clarinet and vibraphone, is the son of the late Tyree Glenn, one of 57 notable jazz musicians pictured in the historic photo “A Great Day in Harlem,” and who worked with jazz icons including Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong.


Phil Hawkins w/Ray Obiedo

Armandos, 707 Marina Vista, Martinez, CA

"Brazilian, Carribean and Latin Jazz"

Ray Obiedo - guitar Sandy Cressman - vocals Phil Hawkins -drums/ steel pans Alex Murzyn -flute & sax Bob Karty - keys David Belove - bass Derek Rolando - percussion